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New 'Get Ready With Me' video!

hiiiii. so i decided to maybe try out this youtube thing again? let me know if this is something you all would be interested in watching.



What I want to accomplish this year

Start my half-sleeve (right arm)
Complete a photo challenge
Go one month without buying any new makeup
Apply to UCL
Redesign my blog
Sign up for the gym!!
Read 50 books
Move to a new city
Find someplace to volunteer
Make a catalog of every book I own so I stop buying doubles
Go on one domestic trip, and one international trip 

What about you guys? Any new years resolutions for 2015?



so i live in a small, dusty town in southern california. it's actually very reminiscent of those towns you see in old western movies. to be fair, a good deal of them were filmed in this part of california. we don't have much in the way of stores or entertainment, but there is a delightful little vintage/antique store just down the road from my parents house. i remember going there as a kid and getting lost amidst the stacks of bookcases, but it's been years since i've paid a visit. 

 what i ended up taking home

i hope you all had a lovely spring break. i spent most of mine working or sick in bed with a cold. :-/ someday i will manage to go on vacation like everyone else!



youtube channel!

i finally got around to filming a video! i know, i know, it's taken me so long, and i'm really sorry! i spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of video i should film before giving up and filming a beauty haul for you guys. so, enjoy? and please let me know if you would like to see more videos, beauty-related or not. 

again, thanks for being so patient! <3


13 personal questions tag (minus 1)

i can't believe this tag is still making the rounds! in any case, the questions aren't too personal, so i'll give it a shot (i did leave out the one question about youtube, since i don't yet have a channel). here we go!

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
i don't drink coffee and i try to avoid caffeine in general, so i don't really patron starbucks all that often. the last few times i went, i think i ordered some earl grey tea?

2. What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?
my jeffrey campbell's. they transport me back to the 70s. <3

3. What's one thing that most people don't know about you?
that i'm pansexual. i don't often talk about my sexuality, so it goes unsaid. 

4. What's one thing you want to do before you die?

5. What's one food you can't live without?
at the moment, avocados. i eat them every day if i can.

6. What's one quote that you live your life by?
 take what you want and pay for it, says God. 

7. What's your number 1 song on your iPod/iTunes?  
i had to go check my itunes to answer this, but it's currently what became of the likely lads by the libertines. 

8. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
this is kind of hard to answer as well. i prefer classic, simple styles in clothes, but my shoes are in an entire different time period. i love sky-high heels (and i'm already 5'8!) with thick wooden heels. jeffrey campbell and seychelles are two of my favorite shoe designers. 

9. Favourite number? 
13. i was born on friday the 13th, so it's always been a good-luck number for me!

10. Two hobbies?
thrifting and reading.
11. Two pet peeves?
people that talk obnoxiously loud on their cellphones in inappropriate places. ignorance. 

12. Your guilty pleasure?
at the moment, pop music. specifically, one direction. i know! please don't judge me. 

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


October Glam Bag

Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment; Coastel Scents Eyeshadow in Cloud White, Paris Green, Reef Blue, and Thunderous; Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain; Be A Bombshell Eyeliner; theBalm "What's Your Type" Black Mascara

this is the last beauty bag i will be receiving for awhile. It's been fun looking forward to a bag full of samples every month, but i just wasn't using up the samples fast/often enough. so thanks, Glam Bag, for all the wonderful products. maybe i'll consider subscribing again in the future. 

in other news, i will try to have the photos from my portland trip up soon! thanks for your guys' patience! <3



just a few snapshots of seattle...


10 things i love friday

my trip up north with my bff next week! we are taking 8-9 days to drive from southern california to san francisco, portland, seattle, and port angeles/forks, wa!
these gorgeous burgundy boots from h&m. they are perfect for the upcoming trip!

chanel aqualumiere lipstick, in copacabana: my go-to lipstick shade for fall. 

this sweet small leaf silver ring from etsy. 

this adorable cat dress by one of my favorite indie designers, leah goren.

my new favorite scent. 

this gorgeous tattoo. so pretty!

my glam bag subscription! it's like receiving a little present every month!

this trench by RED valentino is so pretty and feminine.

and... my adorable pooch, mickey!

i'm so excited that autumn is almost here! it will be nice to get away from southern california and visit a place that actually experiences real autumn weather!

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend! i will be working the UCLA vs. Nebraska game tomorrow, which should be interesting. GO BRUINS!



currently coveting...

gorgeous ombre tights

i've had my eye on this lovely rose gold watch by michael kors. it's a bit pricy though, so perhaps as a birthday or christmas present?

this sweater is just so fun and silly and adorable!

this real techniques stippling brush has been on my wishlist for ages! i have the core collection, which i absolutely adore, and i've heard excellent things about this particular brush. soon it will be mine!

and finally, i've been eyeing the jemma kidd dewy glow radiance creme in iced gold for a few weeks. it's also a bit pricy at $30, but i've heard it's worth every penny. 

i probably won't get around buying much of these as i am quite broke at the moment... and i am taking a road trip up through san francisco, berkeley, seattle, and portland with my bestie next month, so i need to save up!

what are you currently coveting? 


beauty haul: bloomingdale's and sephora

a few weeks ago, i decided a trip to h&m was in order and drove myself over to the westside pavillion in century city to have a browse. unfortunately for my bank account, my browsing took me straight to sephora and the bloomingdale's makeup counter. yikes! i came away with many lovely products, most of which i've never tried before. super excited to give these babies a whirl!
the caudalie beauty elixir has been on my list for awhile, and i am probably most excited for this product, as beauty bloggers have been raving about it for months (and i do love testing these types of products, to see if they are actually worth the hype!). but i was a bit surprised to walk out with the divine oil. once again, i have heard amazing things about this hair/face/body oil, but i'm still a bit sceptic about rubbing oil all over my face. i guess we'll see how that goes!

i have the all-nighter spray and i love it so much i was inspired to try UD's oil control version of their setting spray.

another product that is hyped up by bb's. i've already tried it once and i have to say, i'm not impressed. especially for how steep the price is ($42!). but maybe i just need to play with it a bit more... updates to come soon!

i felt a little betrayed when i first bought this mac mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle. the SA had somehow led me to believe it was just a general face powder, but when i dusted it over my face at home, ho mama, the glitter! i quickly figured out it's actually a highlighter... and one that i vastly prefer to NARS albatross. loving this so far.

a few samples i picked up in sephora. stila illuminating tinted moisturizer and philosophy take a deep breath moisturizer.

i finally ran my facial buffer into the ground, so i decided it was time for a fresh one! this product is so amazing. essentially, it does all the work of an exfoliator without the harsh chemicals. you just dampen the buffer, add a bit of cleanser, and violĂ ! the amount of blemishes on my face have gone down by about 50%. pretty impressive, if you ask me.

and finally, a few cute bow clips from h&m. they were too adorable to resist!

that's it for now. i'm super excited to further test these products out. let me know if you've tried any, or if you have any makeup/skincare recommendations! i've been a bit obsessed with the beauty bloggers this past month, if you can't tell!

p.s. i finally got a twitter account!