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Since the end of October, I've been living in a fairly comfortable one-bedroom with M. and our two cats Jude and Lucy.

Comfortable as it may be, I've hit a wall when it comes to decorating. The layout doesn't allow for maximum aesthetic appeal (no room for tables full of cute knickknacks), and on the grounds that we will be moving in seven months, I've given up with this particular apartment.

Alas! The domestic goddess within me is not pleased.

However, this allows me more time to decorate the imaginary house I someday plan to buy.

 Nama Rococo

 Atelier Art Deco

 West Elm


James Merrell

Chedworth tub (chrome claw feet)

Michael Schnabel


daisychain said...

Wow! I am especially loving the first picture.

LambAround said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. I love them all, with the exception of the tub. I just have never seen the appeal. Give me my Jacuzzi tub over a claw foot tub any day!

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Tanya said...

I love the semi library idea, thanks for posting it.