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Sex and the City has been a favorite show of mine since I hit thirteen. During last season's Black Friday frenzy, I was delighted to find all six (seven, technically) seasons at a steep discount. Of course, this led to a four month long binge-marathon (oh, the wasted hours!) that, sadly, came to an end tonight.

I'll admit it...The Mr. Big-and-Carrie-happily-ever-after ending positively melted my heart. 

Aside from the clever plot lines, witty banter, and the romance, I mainly watch SATC for the fashion. Carrie may have had some "out there" style choices, but she did have several staples that I absolutely adorned. Example:

Ever since I first saw Carrie Bradshaw's tulle skirt in the opening credits of Sex and the City, I have dreamed of sporting my very own funky tutu. Perhaps it's my obsession with all things ballerina-related, but I feel as though my life will not be complete until I am able to acquire my very own puffy tulle dream.

Here is a lovely dash of inspiration:

Tim Walker

Lorenzo Aqius

Matusciac Alexandru


*All uncredited photos courtesy of We Love It.


D said...

love that second last pic

daisychain said...

Incredible post x

M. said...

yeah! sex and the city!

Lizz said...

Heh, I loved Carrie's skirt as well! I actually bought something similar, except it was the more conservative version where there was only one layer of the stuff on top of some lace and a slip underneathe. It didn't have the same oomph somehow.

Anonymous said...

love your blog