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Vintage lusts

Lately, I've had an unshakeable urge to fill my (rather large, walk-in) closet with beautiful vintage dresses... What a shame I am so completely broke at the moment! I suppose I could take this time to make up my wishlist.

Liebemarlene Vintage

70s lace trimmed prairie dress, 70s navy flutter dress, 90s polka dot black and white dress, 90s black floral mini dress

Bleubird Vintage

 Peplum Cocktail Dress

 Kimber Floral Sundress

Of course by the time I have the money , they will be long gone... Sold (no doubt) to another vintage junkie with a penchant for lovely, flowy dresses.

It's rather heartbreaking.


Klaus said...

Pretty dresses!

Perri said... has some of the CUTEST vintage dresses, but I'm too broke to ever buy anything, either. :[ I rarely look anymore because it makes me so sad!

Tuna said...

that sundress is amazing

Jessie said...

The 90s floral one is amazing!

GiGi said...

you have great style. i love all of these dresses.

annierama said...

I love these vintage shops so much!