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10 Things I Love Friday

Hello blogworld! I'm here to share 10 lovely things I adore this week...

1. These cool cats

2. My dream city

3. This cute (and very true!) label

4. (M often has to bribe me into running tedious errands with one of these)

5. A magical time

6. These wonderful people

7. Gorgeous lace tights

8. One of my favorite movies...

9. These adorable camera charms

10. Silly jelly beans!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Photo credit: We Love It


Harley said...

I love that label! But I kind of think the Beatles are overrated.. (don't kill me!)

Analise said...

mmm, jelly beans!

Style Heretic said...

Amelie absolutely one of my favorite movies, lace tights I agree their gorgeous, I like Big Ben and the Beatles so wonderfully British & retro 60s. Enjoyed your post.