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10 Things I Love Friday

Hello lovelies! Sorry this post is coming so late in the day... Technically it's still Friday! I have to admit, this week has not been especially kind to me... But putting together this fun list definitely helped lift my spirits. I plan to just relax this weekend. Maybe read a new book and watch a few tapes (I'll been snapping them up from thrift stores like crazy!). I will most certainly begin a fun crafty project as well (more on that later). Now, onto the inspiration!

These adorable plushies 

Lovely, lovely nail polish

This charming pillow

Cute rompers

My favorite superhero

These pretty trees

This adorable kitty collar

I'll admit it... I collected these

Indisputable thoughts

Sweet kitties

What are a few things you adore this week?

P.S. I recently took a cross country trip to visit my grandmother in rural Pennsylvania. I will try to have the film developed ASAP so I can post a few personal photos on my blog, for once. =)

Photos not credited: We Love it


M. said...

can't wait for the photos!!!!!!!!!!!

Roxy said...

I used to collect pokemon cards as well! Brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

what a precious kitten!!

Harley said...


What a cute kitty. I think I'll go cuddle my cat now...

Blai said...

Love Chanel's polish! Have you seen the new colors for fall?

Andy said...

Omigosh! Pokemon cards! They were awesome. I used to have loads, after only buying the starter set. I felt like a little tycoon. I remember selling Charizard for £10!

And and and.. I went to America once and bought a few packs, and they had cards in that you couldn't get in UK so I managed to make lots of money! ;p. Ah. I miss those.