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10 Things I Love Friday

Hello lovelies, and welcome to another day of 13 Days of Tricks & Treats! Is anyone else super excited for the 31st? If not, here is "10 Things I Love Friday: Halloween Edition." to boost your spirits!

1. Pumpkin picking/carving

I love this. Especially that pumpkin on the right... I can practically hear him thinking, "WTF?!?"

2. Creepy ghost walks

3. Kiddie costumes

That cute chubby girl is totally rocking her Wonder Woman costume.

4. Fun Halloween crafts/snacks

5. Cuddling under a toasty blanket while watching old, scary movies

laugh if you want, but this movie practically scarred me as a child

6. Yummy pumpkin treats/delicious smelling candles

7. Cold, clear October nights

8. Vintage Halloween postcards 

9. Candy, candy, and more candy!

10. Knowing Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner!

That's all for now! Thanks for tuning in for this week's "10 Things". I'll be back tomorrow with some more creepy holiday goodness!

What are some thing you love about Halloween?


M. said...

i love all these things too!!

Anonymous said...

i love your weekly list!

nicolette said...

pumpkin flavored things = my october weakness, big time. oh god now i want a pumpkin cupcake....

jen said...

i love pumpkin anything and those star wars costumes are just adorable!!

and i went to disney world....i grew up there too!!