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Tricks & Treats: Creepy Movies

Hello my lovely readers! I'm so sorry for not staying up to date with my Halloween feature. Things have been a bit difficult around here...

To continue 13 Days of Tricks & Treats, here are my top 10 favorite spooky Halloween movies!

Nosferatu eine Symphonie des Grauens

I have always had a penchant for silent/black and white movies, but Nosferatu is one of the most famous. This German Expressionist film has managed to bewitch generations of horror-buffs with it's creepy atmosphere and unique characterizations.  

Let the Right One In

How can I describe Let the Right One In? A Swedish-horror-coming-of-age-romance story? That sounds about right. Aside from the strange genre, this is one of the best foreign movies I've had the pleasure to watch.



The Evil Dead 1 & 2

This low-budget flick is a cult classic for a reason- lots of shocks, interesting effects, and a decent amount of gore (not to mention several scenes are that so bad, they're hilarious).

Young Frankenstein

love that gene wilder

El Orfanato/The Orphanage

Another foreign horror film (this time in Castilian). Super creepy in its atmosphere, but there are a few scenes that have me on the edge of my seat.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This movie combines everything I love: Singing, dancing, and drag queens.

Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker as witches? yesyesyes!
The Ring

I know everyone thinks this movie is lame, but it scared the bejeezus out of me when it first came out. In fact, I still can't sleep with a TV in my room...

That's all for now! What about your own personal horror flick list? Did I leave out an obvious favorite?


Harley said...

Let the Right One In was amazing. As was The Orphanage.

Hmmm... Sphere is pretty creepy/scary but I think it's classified as sci-fi and not horror...

You forgot Dracula Dead and Loving It!! I've seen it so many times and it still makes me laugh the whole way through! "Renfield, you idiot..!"

Dejan said...

the ring is the scariest movie ever!

mice_aliling said...

Call me a wussy but I hate horror and suspense flicks. I almost died after watching The Ring :)

Happy Halloween!

Holly Bierly Young said...

Oh The Ring! That absolutely ruined me for scary movies. It is TERRIFYING...haha. I'm such a pansy. I hate scary movies. I laugh and tell people that when that creepy little girl climbed out of the t.v., it changed my life- haha. On the other hand, my room mate in college had this really pretty long, dark hair. Sometimes, she would put it all in front of her face so she would look like the little girl from The Ring. It was more funny than frightening really, so at least I've got that good memory to hold on to!

jen said...

i am such a chicken yet i always end up watching scary movies. the orphan was one that really stuck with me and of course hocus pocus is one of my halloween favorites!

i have never heard of let the right one in, maybe i'll look into it...thanks : )

ps: i'd love it if you stopped by