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Tricks & Treats: Vintage Costumes

Hello, hello! It's another chilly night and I am loving it! For today's treat, here are a few of my favorite old-time vintage costumes:

I am loving these kiddie clown costumes! So adorable!

Fun vintage masks. That rabbit one is so Donnie Darko.

Dressing up as a pirate is one of my favorite things to do. Arrrr, Matey!

Rita Hayworth and Pinky Tomlin at a Halloween bash.

This kitty wanted to get in on the Halloween madness!

I think this photo is my favorite. A group of old ladies dressed as witches, sipping tea? Classic.

What are you planning on dressing up as this year?


Harley said...

Love this post. Love the kiddy clowns. Love the old ladies. Love Halloween.

Anonymous said...

is that veronica lake? she is so gorgeous.

jen said...

i am going to be a pirate for halloween and i am making my boyfriend a pirate costume too!

make sure to stop by after halloween to see pictures of how it turned out : )