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Halloween Decor

I woke up feeling a bit uninspired today, which led to a a rough work day. However, I decided to cheer myself up by scouring the web for some fun Halloween-inspired decor ideas.

Punched-robot tin faces! =D

Who knew you could decorate eggs for Halloween? These eggs were made using a Ukrainian dying technique in which wax is used to create images. So creative!

love this cute little pumpkin family

I believe this spooky town is available through Pottery Barn, but it looks like it could be a fun project to make yourself, no? I usually just put up a few cobwebs and plastic spiders here and there, but I think I'd like to put a little more effort into decorating this year.

What do you do to prepare for Halloween?

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Liz OT said...

That bat-lamp is nothing short of splendid and is really putting our bloody-handprint-decals to shame. Thanks for sharing!

jen said...

i love the cat cut outs on those frames and that bat lamp is just too cute!

ps: i'd love it if you stopped by