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Happy Day of the Dead!

Happy Dio de los Muertos! For those of you who don't know, "The Day of the Dead" is a Mexican-Catholic holiday in which people take the time to remember and celebrate the dead. It sounds a bit morbid, but it is actually a very lovely tradition. One of my favorite traditions includes leaving the deceased's favorite foods and beverages on their graves for them to enjoy in their afterlife!

Some people put together colorful displays with photos and other trinkets of those they would like to honor.

For me, I will be remembering my dear Abuelita Monica, who passed away just last week. Although this is a very sad time for my family and me, today is a day not to mourn, but to honor her memory by remembering all the wonderful times we had with her.

abuelita and mom

 abuelita and me

Is there anyone you will remember today, on El Dio de los Muertos?


jen said...

sorry for your loss. i lost my grandfather a few years ago and it was a very hard time for all.