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On Thursday I...

* Thought it was Wednesday all day long.

*  Enjoyed a cup of tea from my favorite Disney mug.

* Started organizing my Christmas cards.

* Wore a thrifted dress and felt pretty all day.

dress: thrifted. heeled oxfords: thrifted

* Dreamt about the decor of my future house.

*  Managed a few pages of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

* Took a nap



Anonymous said...

awesome dress

M. said...

cool pixx

Sabby said...

a new outfit post! yay!

jenna said...

I can't wait for my own place so I can decorate it! Love the inspiration pics.

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty. and your hair! im so jealous of it

krizann said...

that dress is so pretty! =)