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22 things... things 10-15

thing 10: i dislike any kind of caffeine. even my tea is non-caffeinated!

i especially enjoying drinking tea on giant fake sunflowers

thing 11: i am extremely indecisive. honestly, it takes me an hour to decide what color top i should buy... in fact, i usually end up buying that top in more than one color because i just can't decide!

thing 12: i collect vintage dresses. i buy them with the intent to sell, but i just haven't gotten around to photographing them all and posting them to my etsy.

thing 13: when i was little, i had a pink baby blanket with satin edges that i slept with every night. i had to retire it around the age of 7 because it was so ratty and had more holes than actual material. a few years ago, my brother gave me an exact replica of my childhood 'nanny' for christmas. i've slept with it every night since then. GREATEST PRESENT EVER.

thing 14: i am still afraid of the dark. i hate walking around the yard at night because i think a werewolf is going to pop out and eat me. it doesn't help that my dog is as big and as hairy as a werewolf. i tend to freak out when he pops out from behind a juniper bush when i am walking from my parents house to mine in the middle of the night.

thing 15: i don't mind clutter but i am a huge germaphobe. i wash my hands at least 20 times a day and use more hand sanitizer than is healthy.

my birthday is in a few hours, so i will finally have the last block up soon!


Anonymous said...

adorable tea drinking pic