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5 things for fun

    5 things i wish i could do:
    • go ice skating
    • make paper hats with my nephew
    • sleep for more than 4 hours at a time
    • learn to sew
    • find a new la neighborhood to explore
    4 things i am looking forward to:
    • the end of the school quarter! i will never again take 4 courses in one 10-week quarter
    • the amazing spider-man. so excited to see andrew garfield and emma stone in a film together!
    • archaeological field schools
    • possible road trip to portland in october
    3 things i did yesterday:
    • played with my cats
    • drove from my parents house to la
    • spent time with a new friend
    2 places i'd like to travel to:
    • kazan, russia
    • singapore
    1 thing that inspired me today

    • i want to hang irena sophia's lovely prints all over my apartment! i absolutely adore her. 


    Girlie Blogger said...

    What a wonderful list. I want to learn how to sew as well, and travel to Singapore.
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    Anonymous said...

    i have seen irenasophia prints before and they are just beautiful