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"just-in-case" makeup bag

a few days ago, estée from essiebutton posted the contents of her "just-in-case" bag and i couldn't resist digging mine out to share. 

first up, my boots no7 mineral foundation in new ivory. it's great for on-the-go, but i am fairly pale and the lightest shade is just a tad too dark.

NARS duo with orgasm and albatross, both of which i absolutely adore! albatross is the loveliest white-gold highlighter and i love how pigmented NARS blushers are.

a large kabuki brush, with a little travel bag. i normally carry around my sonia kashuk mini travel brush set, but they were in need of a wash.

revlon super lustrous in storm pink. this is a very pretty light pink lipstick, with an added bonus of being very moisturizing. revlon makes some of the best drugstore lipsticks and are a staple in my makeup collection. 

e.l.f. complexion perfection. not the best compact out there, but it'll do in a pinch. as you can see, i've used quite a bit of it. 

avon perfect wear lipstick in perfect ruby. i lovelovelove this shade. it's very buildable; it can go from a light flush to a full-stop bright pink. 

i never leave home without one (or several) of these! is it possible for lips to become dependent on balm??

and sunscreen, of course! the sun is quite strong here in los angeles, and developing skin cancer is not on my to-do list for this summer.

a travel-sized tube of clinique high impact mascara. i actually despise this product because it smears horribly! so i am in desperate need of a new mascara. preferably water-and-smudge-proof, as it gets quite humid in the city. any suggestions? 

another favorite lipstick- neutrogena moistureshine soothing lipsheers in fresh rose. this is a gorgeous (rose) pink color that isn't too intense and is perfect for everyday use.

and... that's all! i usually carry a lot more around, but i recently cleared all the junk out of my old bag. this makeup bag is from clinique, in case you were wondering. i love it because it's colorful and massive! two things i always look for in a makeup bag.

so what do you guys think? should i start including more beauty-related posts? and what sort of things do you keep in your 'just-in-case" bag? 


Darla said...

i love albatross by nars. it looks so gorgeous on my skin.

Anonymous said...

all of my makeup bags are from clinique! you're right about them being huge.

Gerri said...

i agree about revlon making the best lipsticks. i prefer them over my mac ones.

Johanna aka Retrolover said...

Hey! I have a retro/rockabilly competition on my blog. Check it out!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I love the idea of just-in-case. You have great products to fill up the makeup bag too.