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beauty haul: bloomingdale's and sephora

a few weeks ago, i decided a trip to h&m was in order and drove myself over to the westside pavillion in century city to have a browse. unfortunately for my bank account, my browsing took me straight to sephora and the bloomingdale's makeup counter. yikes! i came away with many lovely products, most of which i've never tried before. super excited to give these babies a whirl!
the caudalie beauty elixir has been on my list for awhile, and i am probably most excited for this product, as beauty bloggers have been raving about it for months (and i do love testing these types of products, to see if they are actually worth the hype!). but i was a bit surprised to walk out with the divine oil. once again, i have heard amazing things about this hair/face/body oil, but i'm still a bit sceptic about rubbing oil all over my face. i guess we'll see how that goes!

i have the all-nighter spray and i love it so much i was inspired to try UD's oil control version of their setting spray.

another product that is hyped up by bb's. i've already tried it once and i have to say, i'm not impressed. especially for how steep the price is ($42!). but maybe i just need to play with it a bit more... updates to come soon!

i felt a little betrayed when i first bought this mac mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle. the SA had somehow led me to believe it was just a general face powder, but when i dusted it over my face at home, ho mama, the glitter! i quickly figured out it's actually a highlighter... and one that i vastly prefer to NARS albatross. loving this so far.

a few samples i picked up in sephora. stila illuminating tinted moisturizer and philosophy take a deep breath moisturizer.

i finally ran my facial buffer into the ground, so i decided it was time for a fresh one! this product is so amazing. essentially, it does all the work of an exfoliator without the harsh chemicals. you just dampen the buffer, add a bit of cleanser, and violĂ ! the amount of blemishes on my face have gone down by about 50%. pretty impressive, if you ask me.

and finally, a few cute bow clips from h&m. they were too adorable to resist!

that's it for now. i'm super excited to further test these products out. let me know if you've tried any, or if you have any makeup/skincare recommendations! i've been a bit obsessed with the beauty bloggers this past month, if you can't tell!

p.s. i finally got a twitter account!



Klaus said...

i love my facial buffer!! :)

Hanna said...

caudalie is my fav