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currently coveting...

gorgeous ombre tights

i've had my eye on this lovely rose gold watch by michael kors. it's a bit pricy though, so perhaps as a birthday or christmas present?

this sweater is just so fun and silly and adorable!

this real techniques stippling brush has been on my wishlist for ages! i have the core collection, which i absolutely adore, and i've heard excellent things about this particular brush. soon it will be mine!

and finally, i've been eyeing the jemma kidd dewy glow radiance creme in iced gold for a few weeks. it's also a bit pricy at $30, but i've heard it's worth every penny. 

i probably won't get around buying much of these as i am quite broke at the moment... and i am taking a road trip up through san francisco, berkeley, seattle, and portland with my bestie next month, so i need to save up!

what are you currently coveting? 


Klaus said...

cool tights!!