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10 things i love friday

my trip up north with my bff next week! we are taking 8-9 days to drive from southern california to san francisco, portland, seattle, and port angeles/forks, wa!
these gorgeous burgundy boots from h&m. they are perfect for the upcoming trip!

chanel aqualumiere lipstick, in copacabana: my go-to lipstick shade for fall. 

this sweet small leaf silver ring from etsy. 

this adorable cat dress by one of my favorite indie designers, leah goren.

my new favorite scent. 

this gorgeous tattoo. so pretty!

my glam bag subscription! it's like receiving a little present every month!

this trench by RED valentino is so pretty and feminine.

and... my adorable pooch, mickey!

i'm so excited that autumn is almost here! it will be nice to get away from southern california and visit a place that actually experiences real autumn weather!

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend! i will be working the UCLA vs. Nebraska game tomorrow, which should be interesting. GO BRUINS!



GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Hey welcome to Seattle, my town. Hope we treat you well. Have a good time!
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Klaus said...

I love those boots and mickey!!