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so i live in a small, dusty town in southern california. it's actually very reminiscent of those towns you see in old western movies. to be fair, a good deal of them were filmed in this part of california. we don't have much in the way of stores or entertainment, but there is a delightful little vintage/antique store just down the road from my parents house. i remember going there as a kid and getting lost amidst the stacks of bookcases, but it's been years since i've paid a visit. 

 what i ended up taking home

i hope you all had a lovely spring break. i spent most of mine working or sick in bed with a cold. :-/ someday i will manage to go on vacation like everyone else!



Anonymous said...

i love thrifting!!

gerri said...

love this.

Retrolet said...

reminds me of the shop I work at :)